Drastic rise in cyber-attacks has made cybersecurity a major concern for the world. It is estimated that cybercrime cost world economy about a $1 trillion in 2020. In February 2021, a cyber-attack targeted a water treatment facility in Florida to change chemical levels in water supply. In May 2021, ransomware attack targeted the largest fuel pipeline in the USA. Cyber-attacks come in all shapes including worldwide data breaches, affecting both companies and people. For instance, a social media app cyber-attack resulted with 1.3 million users’ information leakage. Changing landscape of cybersecurity threats requires urgent need for comprehensive, dynamic, and applied cybersecurity education to qualify cybersecurity professionals for prevention, mitigation, and management of threats.

CyberMACS proposes a full time 2-year joint European MSc programme (120 ECTS) focusing on “Applied Cybersecurity” to provide solid background within cybersecurity with focus on educating future cybersecurity experts to detect, prevent, mitigate, and manage cyber-attacks.  Students will be trained on basics of cybersecurity in first year, then opportunities will be provided for specialization in the second year with compulsory following the winter/summer schools as well as compulsory internship. Besides specialization tracks, students will receive training in soft skills such as entrepreneurship and complete their degrees with master theses.

To guarantee CyberMACS’s vision of high-quality education, three European higher educational institutions combine their complementary competencies: Kadir Has University (KHAS), SRH Berlin University of Applied Sciences (SRH), and Ss. Cyril and Methodius University-Skopje, North Macedonia (UKIM-FINKI). CyberMACS is a strong institutional cooperation for European excellence in higher education with a high level integrated & transnational study programme on applied cybersecurity targeting best students worldwide.

If you have an exceptionally good background in your bachelors’ background as a student anywhere in the world and if you want to study applied cybersecurity in a multicultural environment, then you got it. The CyberMACS just does that for YOU.

If you think that the cost can’t be affordable, you may be wrong since we offer excellent scholarships of €1,400/month and fee waivers to the best students such as yourself. Don’t you wait at all, go ahead and apply NOW.

Cybersecurity needs female talents more than ever. If you are a female student and would like to study cybersecurity, you have better chance, you too, can go ahead and apply NOW.

If you have any disabilities, do not let them hamper your talent. CyberMACS is also for you to go ahead and apply NOW If you are selected, just mention that you have special needs so that they can arrange all you may need before your arrival.