2 Years, 3 Universities, 2 Degrees

CyberMACS is an Erasmus Mundus Joint/double Master’s Degree (EMJM) programme in Applied Cybersecurity offered by a consortium of three highly ranked universities in Turkey, Germany, and North Macedonia. During the two-year MSc studies, students will study at two consortium universities and graduate from both. Our industry partners promote the future employability of CyberMACS students by offering internship, company visits, and contributions to the course contents. CyberMACS is one of the European top-quality Master Courses selected by the Erasmus+ Programme (Erasmus Mundus).  

CyberMACS Project Team, Staff and Experts

The Coordinating Institution: Kadir Has University, Istanbul, Turkey
Full Partner: Ss. Cyril and Methodius University, UKIMSkopje, North Macedonia
Full Partner: SRH Berlin University of Applied SciencesBerlin, Germany

Programme Coordinator:
Prof. Dr. Hasan Dağ (hasan.dag@khas.edu.tr)

Local Academic Coordinators:

1. KHAS : Prof. Dr. Hasan Dağ (hasan.dag@khas.edu.tr )

2. SRH : Prof. Dr. Reiner Creutzburg (reiner.creutzburg@srh.de)

3. UKIM : Prof. Dr. Vesna Dimitrova (vesna.dimitrova@finki.ukim.mk)

Project Manager: Ebru Dilan (ebru.dilan@khas.edu.tr)

Project Officers: Hazal Mengi (hazal.mengi@khas.edu.tr), Emine Balta (emine.balta@khas.edu.tr), Filiz Kocaboğa (filiz.kocaboga@khas.edu.tr)

Programme Manager: Dr. Emrullah Fatih Yetkin ( fatih.yetkin@khas.edu.tr)

Local Administrative Coordinators:

1. KHAS : Ayhan Gücüyener Evren (ayhan.gucuyener@khas.edu.tr)

2. SRH : Virginie Lieberwirth (Virginie.Lieberwirth@srh.de, v.lieberwirth.srh@gmail.com) (since July 2023)
/ Lisa Gibellino-Marchetto (lisa.gibellino-marchetto@srh.de) (until July 2023)

3. UKIM : Igor Cvetanovski (igor.cvetanovski@finki.ukim.mk)

Executive Board (EB, 7 Members):

Permanent members:

1. Local Academic Coordinator (KHAS) & Chair of EB: Prof. Dr. Hasan Dağ (hasan.dag@khas.edu.tr)

2. Local Academic Coordinator (SRH): Prof. Dr. Reiner Creutzburg ( reiner.creutzburg@srh.de)

3. Local Academic Coordinator (UKIM): Prof. Dr. Vesna Dimitrova (vesna.dimitrova@finki.ukim.mk)

(With the first intake, becomes effective after August 2023) New permanent members:

4. Programme Manager: Dr. E. Fatih Yetkin (fatih.yetkin@khas.edu.tr)

5. One academic (UKIM): Prof. Dr. Ivan Chorbev (ivan.chorbev@finki.ukim.mk)

6. One academic (SRH): Prof. Dr. Gerrit Tamm (gerrit.tamm@srh.de)

7. A student: Danko Nakić (danko.nakic@stu.khas.edu.tr)

Ad-hoc members may be invited by the Chair of the EB. Additional members of any Partner Institution’s academic and/or administrative staff directly involved in the Programme, as appropriate.



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