Prof. Hasan Dag and Prof. Vesna Dimitrova at the CyberUS Summer School

In a testament to the spirit of collaboration that CyberMACS champions, Prof. Hasan Dag, the Programme Coordinator, and Prof. Vesna Dimitrova, the Local Academic Coordinator, have actively participated in this year’s CyberUS Summer School. Their involvement highlights the commitment of CyberMACS to fostering international cooperation and knowledge exchange in cybersecurity education. Their participation brought invaluable insights and added a rich layer of expertise to the discussions, further enriching the learning experience for all attendees.


This event is designed to be a public platform that welcomes students, professionals, and academics to delve into complex cybersecurity topics not fully covered within the standard CYBERUS curriculum. Scheduled discussions will span a variety of crucial areas including cloud computing, industrial cybersecurity, cybercrime, risk management, crisis management, and ethics, among others.


The workshop also focused on the implications of cybersecurity in vital sectors such as Energy, Transport, Banking, Financial Market Infrastructures, Health, Drinking Water Supply and Distribution, Digital Infrastructures, and Online Marketplaces. This diversity in topics ensures that participants will gain a broad perspective on how cybersecurity integrates with and impacts different industries.

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