Celebrating Excellence at the 18th Erasmus Mundus General Assembly in Istanbul

We are excited to announce the successful conclusion of the 18th Erasmus Mundus General Assembly held in Istanbul, a landmark event celebrating 20 years of the Erasmus Mundus program and 18 years of the Erasmus Mundus Alumni (EMA) community. This conference brought together scholars, professionals, and alumni like Mahnoor Jamil and Samsoon Nahar Shampa as participants to discuss achievements and future directions in international higher education.


The assembly focused on multiple key themes, including excellence in higher education, the significant milestones achieved by EMA, innovations in digital education, and the global recognition of EU joint degrees. These discussions not only highlighted past achievements but also set the agenda for future educational collaborations across the globe.


Participant Samsoon described the experience as “incredible,” noting the engaging discussions and insightful sessions that made the event inspiring. The cultural night and after-party, featuring attendees in traditional attire, provided a vibrant backdrop for networking and cultural exchange, underscoring the community’s diversity and unity.


This year’s gathering marks a significant step towards fostering international collaboration and excellence in education, reflecting the enduring impact of the Erasmus Mundus program on its alumni and the broader academic community.

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