1- Can I apply for a scholarship to the CyberMACS program?
Yes, you can apply for a scholarship. CyberMACS offers a limited number of scholarships amounting to €1,400/month for 2 years. Scholarship students are furthermore exempted from registration and/or tuition fee payments. Another option is self-funded studentship.

2- I have not completed my bachelor, can I apply?
Yes, applicants in their final year of studies are eligible to apply provided that they will graduate by 17 August 2023.  If the applicant is not able to graduate on time or fails to deliver a degree certificate by the given deadline, their conditional acceptance to the program will be cancelled.

3- Which field is required to have a bachelor’s degree when applying to CyberMACS?
Applicants are expected to have a high-quality Bachelor’s degree in computer science, computer engineering, electrical and/or electronics engineering, information technology, management information systems, physics, or mathematics, or close fields to those. 

4- I have a bachelor’s degree other than the fields listed. Can I still apply?
Candidates with degrees in other fields will be considered if they have sufficient studies in the required subject areas. Required background consists of sufficient studies in:
– Mathematics (linear algebra, calculus, probability theory, statistics, and discrete mathematics)
– Programming Skills
– Algorithms and data structures
– Databases
– Theory of computation