CyberMACS Winter School Capture the Flag Competition

We are pleased to reflect on the successful Capture the Flag (CTF) competition that recently concluded at the CyberMACS Winter School, hosted at Kadir Has University. This engaging competition served as the perfect ending to a week filled with intensive cybersecurity training and networking. Participants tackled a series of complex challenges, testing their skills across various cybersecurity domains, and demonstrated the depth of knowledge gained during the winter school.

With a challenging set of 8 questions covering diverse aspects of cybersecurity, the competition saw 25 eager participants putting their skills to the test. Congratulations to our top performers who stood out for their exceptional problem-solving abilities and cybersecurity expertise:

1. First Place: Helmi Hibatullah

2. Second Place: Aldiyar Ismailov

3. Third Place: Isiaq Ibrahim

Hosted by Ender Gezer, CTO of the CyberForce Security Operations Center, the competition was not only a test of technical skills but also a demonstration of the high level of training provided during the winter school. This event was made possible by the generous support and sponsorship of CyberForce, which continues to play a crucial role in advancing cybersecurity education.

We extend our congratulations to Helmi, Aldiyar, Ibrahim, and all the participants who made this event a success.

Stay tuned for more updates, and join us in future events to challenge yourself and grow your skills!

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