Participation in the Erasmus Mundus Annual Conference

Prof. Hasan Dağ, the coordinator of the CyberMACS Erasmus Mundus Programme, recently participated in the Erasmus Mundus Annual Conference, held in Brussels from November 30 to December 1, 2023. The conference highlighted the transformative experiences these programmes offer to students and the value they bring to educational institutions across Europe.

This year’s event centred around the theme “Boosting the potential of Joint Degrees in Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Programmes,” provided an essential platform for dialogue and learning. It facilitated discussions on overcoming challenges in higher education, best practices for joint degrees, and the ongoing refinement of these programmes.

One of the key focuses of the conference was the importance of EMJMs in fostering a collaborative and innovative environment in the European educational landscape. It underscored the continuous efforts to enhance the quality and relevance of these programmes, reflecting a commitment to adapting to the evolving demands of both students and the global job market.

The event also emphasised the collaborative potential between academia and industry, a cornerstone of the Erasmus Mundus initiative. The two-day conference concluded with sessions that reinforced the significance of EMJMs in shaping the future of higher education in Europe, resonating with the core objectives of the CyberMACS programme.