CyberMACS New Year Celebration: A Cultural Mosaic

On December 22, the CyberMACS Programme celebrated the new year with a special gathering of the students and faculty members, including Programme Coordinator Prof. Dr. Hasan Dağ and the CyberMACS team. The event, attended by students, CyberMACS instructors, and faculty members, contributed to the enhancement of the collaborative spirit within the program.

During the celebration, participants were encouraged to share a holiday or traditional event from their culture by writing them on paper and illustrating with drawings. To enhance this exchange, attendees created drawings and decorations illustrating these cultural events, showcasing the diverse heritage of the programme’s community. This activity aimed to foster understanding and appreciation of the diverse backgrounds represented in the programme.

For the New Year celebration, each person wrote a wish for someone else, which was then placed in a sack, mixed, and read aloud. This added an engagement to the event, as wishes from different cultural perspectives were shared.