CyberMACS Industrial Advisory Board (IAB) Meeting Successfully Held

Cybersecurity continues to evolve into a global and complex challenge. The increasing interconnectivity of digital infrastructures and networks underscores the need for enhanced collaboration among various cybersecurity stakeholders, including both industry and academic communities. Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) play a pivotal role in securing our digital future by shaping the next generation of the workforce, contributing to global cybersecurity efforts. Simultaneously, the cybersecurity industry, armed with insights into market dynamics and future requirements, addresses the ever-sophisticated threat landscape. Therefore, a sustainable partnership between academia and industry is crucial to cultivating cybersecurity talent equipped to face future threats, ensuring the resilience of societies, fostering knowledge exchange, and driving cybersecurity innovation.

One of the foremost objectives of the CyberMACS programme is to establish robust connections with the cybersecurity industry. To achieve this, CyberMACS has instituted an international Industrial Advisory Board (IAB) consisting of cybersecurity professionals from diverse countries with a range of expertise. The primary responsibilities of the CyberMACS IAB include ensuring the programme’s curriculum remains dynamic and aligned with global cybersecurity needs. Additionally, the IAB plays a vital role in guiding the career development of CyberMACS students and facilitating internship opportunities, including company visits and hands-on skills training such as Capture the Flag (CTF) competitions.

Since its inaugural student edition in September 2023, CyberMACS hosted its first IAB meeting on September 19, coinciding with the CyberMACS Joint Integration Week. The meeting served as a fertile ground for CyberMACS to present its programme structure and future roadmap. This platform allowed CyberMACS to glean insights into industry needs to shape its activities while IAB members had the opportunity to acquaint themselves with CyberMACS students and their backgrounds. The meeting witnessed active participation from industry representatives of Cyber Struggle, Lostar, TACAS, KPMG Türkiye, and Coca-Cola Türkiye. The discussions underscored the importance of providing mentorship to students and nurturing their social skills, including communication and leadership, alongside a robust theoretical foundation.

Looking ahead, the CyberMACS programme aims to expand its IAB by welcoming visiting industrial experts and inviting industry leaders to contribute to programme activities. To this end, the programme has recently initiated a call for visiting industrial scholars, details of which can be found in the following link.

The dynamic exchange between academia and industry is not only integral to CyberMACS’ success but also pivotal for the development of cybersecurity talent capable of addressing the ever-evolving challenges in the digital landscape. To this end, CyberMACS remains steadfast in its commitment to fortifying ties with the cybersecurity industry.

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